Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Rock A Bye Baby Shower

My baby shower was last weekend, and I wanted to share some photos of the party! As we are having a boy this time I wanted to go with something his dad would love too, and so decided on a Rock A Bye Baby theme.

I based the decorations around the invitations I chose, which you can find here. I also purchased drink bottle labels and chocolate bars in the same design, and the owner was super lovely.

For the decor I hung up two blue plastic tablecloths, and hung a silver table skirt. Then I took some old records, and made printed new labels for them spelling BOYS ROCK and hung them along with some blue lanterns.

For the table I used our lightbox to spell out the theme, as well as a few silver table centerpieces from Kmart. I also put the water bottle stickers around some milk bottles, as well as water. As it was just afternoon tea, I put out some vege sticks and dip, meat and cheese and lavish bread wraps.

As party favors I had these amazing guitar cookies made by Cambella Cookies, and they were such a hit! They helped to bring the theme all together, and she did the most amazing job!

Overall I was so happy with how everything turned out, and this little man was super spoilt with gifts!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Plan With Me - Pretty Posh Planning White Floral Set

I've recently purchased an Erin Condren Life Planner, and have become more than a little obsessed with it! I started posting some planner photos on my Instagram and have been having fun with it, so thought I might start doing a weekly Plan With Me blog post since I love watching Youtube videos on them!

This week I chose the White Floral Set from Pretty Posh Planning as my theme, since it matched an engagement party I had on the Saturday and the stickers were so pretty! The set comes with four sheets of stickers, a full sheet of 8 checklists, a washi strip sheet, and two functional sheets containing a mix of designs including 4 full boxes, a weekend banner, flags, half checklists and boxes, icons and decorative stickers.

I decided to try white space planning for this spread as I felt like the full sticker layouts I had done ended up looking quite cluttered, and was really happy with how it turned out! Here are some pictures from before the pen using this spread.

You can view and purchase the sticker set I used by visiting Pretty Posh Planning on Etsy;

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Gender Reveal

This pregnancy I decided I wasn't going to be able to be quite as patient as I was last time around, and so I went and had an early gender reveal scan at 15 weeks pregnant.

We decided we wanted to do something different from last time, so instead of balloons we used silly string for our gender reveal. 

Looks like this time around we are having a boy! I know Dave is super excited to now have both a daddy's girl and a son he can take out for boys day's too. I was happy with whatever gender, as I already know girls are super fun, but having a boy means I get to go shopping for all new baby clothes!

Thursday, 25 February 2016


Tinkerbell had some pretty exciting news to share this week to everyone - it looks like she is going to be a big sister! 

We were lucky enough to find out on New Years Day that we would be expecting our second child in September this year - what an awesome way to start out 2016!

Tink's is still wrapping her head around the whole big sister thing, I'm not sure she quite gets it yet but I'm sure she will adjust just fine as she is a little obsessed with babies in general. 

Stay turned for some more updates throughout this pregnancy!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Top 14 Moments of 2014!

Following my usual tradition - Here is my favourtie moments of 2014! If you want to check out what made my top 13 moments last year - click here!

Little Brother's 4th July themed 21st - Even though I was actually super sick on this day, it was such a fun party and it was fun getting to dress Tinkerbell up for her first themed party - although it was freezing! (see more about the party here)

Tinkerbell's 1st Birthday - I love planning parties, and I got to go a little over the top with this one! It was so amazing watching Tinkerbell turn 1, and crazy how fast this year went!

Heading to the local Fair - Although this was for no special occasion, this was such a fun day out with a petting zoo and pony rides.

Disney on Ice - Yep, I'm a giant kid. I loved heading to Disney on Ice this year - you can read about it here.

Christmas Time - I'm a total Christmas lover. I struggle to wait until December to put up my tree, and having a child around just makes it that much more fun!

Perth Zoo - We bought a season pass to Perth Zoo, and all of our trips there have been such a good memory this year - even if we went just because we were going a little stir crazy and needed to get out of the house! You can see more of our zoo visits here.

Enrolling in Beauty School - It is super daunting to consider I won't be spending 2015 as a stay at home mum, but I'm also super excited that I enrolled in a Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services - the highest makeup qualification you can get in Australia! Although I haven't started yet, enrolling in the course was still one of my highlights for the year.

AQWA - Heading on a day out to AQWA was one of the most special trips we took - becuase it was the first thing Tinkerbell was super interested in, and was in awe of all the sea life! You can see more about it here.

Photoshoots in the Park - Because I'm THAT mum, I have loved having a cute baby to dress up and take over to our local park for a mini photoshoot whenever the mood strikes!

Getting Inked - I'm no stranger to tattoos, but in 2014 I got what is my biggest tattoo yet - three roses and filigree on my shoulder. I really love it and am so happy with it! I also headed in with my husband and we both got Tinkerbell's name on us - his first tattoo!

Being there for little moments - I'm so super thankful that I got to spend 2014 as a stay at home mum, and to be present for all of the little moments & milestones. Babies really grow so quick, and I'm so glad I didn't have to miss anything by having to return to work.

Having a heard of guinea pig minions - Ok, so not quite, this is actually our first family trip down south in Margaret River - our fave getaway place.

Australia Day - We spent Australia Day hanging out at our local beach, with a very small baby! It was an awesome outing though, and we were feeling much more confident heading out after 6 weeks as parents

Grease is the Word - A baby free night is pretty rare for me, so I was super excited to head out and see Grease is the Word, it was so much fun and a great night out. You can read about the show here.

I hope that everyone has an amazing 2015, there is just something super special about a New Year!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Little Innoscents Products

One of the great ranges I love is Little Innoscents. They are an Australian made company, and use natural organic ingredients in all their products. They are also free from parabens and chemicals so can be used on sensitive skin. I received their Travel Pack as a present at my baby shower, and I fell in love with the range.

The travel pack contains 30mls of each product, which is the perfect size to carry around in the baby bag, and have enough product so that you don't run out after two uses like some sample size products!

Moisture Rich Body Lotion

Baby massage is something that I used to love doing before Tinkerbell started rolling and squirming around her change table. This lotion also absorbs into the skin well, and doesn't leave a sticky residue.

Little Innoscents describes this product by saying;

"Combining luscious oils of Sunflower, Avocado and the moisturising benefits of Shea Butter, this luxurious lotion is suitable for all skin types, and is especially perfect for sensitive skin and is beautifully scented with floral Ylang Ylang."

Winter Blues Vapour Balm

My favourite product from their range, the Vapour Balm is helps when Tinkerbell gets a blocked nose. It has a mild, refreshing scent that I like to rub into her chest at night when going to sleep. I also tend to grab this to put under my nose when I get sick too!

Little Innoscents describes this product by saying;

"Made with medicinal essential oils of Wintergreen and Eucalyptus in a fresh balmy base, it brings warmth to the body and helps your baby to breathe by alleviating nasal congestion… so you can get rid of that stuffy little nose!"

Intensive Soothing Cream

This nappy cream not only works for nappy rash, but also insect bites and rashes. It contains a mild astringent and antiseptic,  so helps to ensure healing while Aloe Vera helps to soothe any irritation.

Little Innoscents describes this product by saying;

"All ingredients in this rich healing cream are 100% natural with nutritious Shea Butter as a base and healing Calendula extract and Rosewood essential oil as the therapeutic components."

Hair & Body Wash

This hair & body wash is low suds, and is made for sensitive skin that is gentle on eczema and psoriasis. The travel size is also perfect to keep in the baby bag in case we get caught out and about needing a bath.

Little Innoscents describes this product by saying;

"This fresh gel is bursting with essential oils of Spearmint, Sweet Orange and Lavender and is deeply cleansing."

Overall from this brand, my pick has to be the Winter Blues Vapour Balm! This is something I will repurchase for sure, and will make sure I'm stocked up on each winter from now on.

The travel pack retails for $19.99. For more information visit

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Why It's Ok To Have 'Me' Time

I recently overhead a conversation between some mums, about how they fit in 'me' time. Let's face it, life is busy, and often mum's are also working, running a household and raising kids. Even if you don't work, you often feel the need to justify it by making sure you have everything under control and running smoothly.

But this conversation made me quite sad, because the mums comments were much along the lines of; "I've only ever left Sam once for two hours" or "my daughter's never been apart from me". The conversation seemed to take a turn from how to find a little 'me' time into who sacrificed the most of themselves for their families. There were a few things that came to mind that I would have loved to say, but the biggest thing was..

You're not a bad mum if you want to be alone sometimes.

Now, don't get me wrong, if you're a stay at home mum and feel like you get more than enough 'me' time once the kids have gone to bed etc, that's wonderful. But these mums were worn out, tired and at almost breaking point. And I just wanted to give them a hug. Because this mum gig is really hard.

Mum guilt is awful, you constantly question if you are doing the best that you can, and then question your decisions again later on. But that's what makes you a good mum.

It's ok to look after yourself too. I'm happy to admit I love when once a fortnight on a Thursday night my husband watches my daughter while I head to the shops to do food shopping on my own. And yes, I usually spend the entire time checking my phone, and smiling at other families and kids I pass, but it gives me a chance to miss my family, and I need that.

It makes me a better mum. It makes me more patient, and it reminds me to be present when I am on mum duty. More than that, I think it's important for my daughter to see her mum looking after herself too, because I would feel awful if she felt it wasn't ok to put her needs as a high priority too. 

So I promise you mumma, it's ok to take some time for you too.