Friday, 7 September 2012

House Tour - Bedroom

I love decorating our house! I'm always changing furniture around and coming up with new ideas. I'm trying not to do too much more now, as we will hopefully be getting a new, bigger house mid next year and I will be starting all over painting and decorating! I've already been coming up with ideas of how I would like things, so the husband knows he's in trouble!

I thought I would give you a little mini tour of my house, and cute things I've found, so first stop is the master bedroom! Our room is a not too bad size, but given my large clothing and accessories collection it doesn't leave too much space - a walk in robe is going to be a necessity in our next house!

We actually have different bedside tables now than in this photo - I only bought them a few weeks ago. I'm also looking out for a gorgeous teal bedspread, as we've started bringing pops of colour into our home now.

I found this grey scale canvas at Target of all places. I've found I have a bit of a thing for black & white canvas prints, and have quite a few throughout our home now.

This is the top of our giant double size chest of drawers. The teddies you see up the top are from our wedding day - they were our ring pillows! The canvas print you see is from Typo - I couldn't resist getting it (you will know why when you see my shoe collection). The other decorations are from a collection of places - the silver owls and 'love' wording is from Thingz gifts.

Just recently have I moved this wall around - that's why the wall hangings don't quite fit anymore and it's looking cluttered! I'm planning on changing them soon. On the left is my new Jewellery Stand/Full length mirror, in the middle are some small shelves that fit my handbags perfectly, and on the right is my shoe bookcase - which is full! There are some more in my wardrobe, but these are most of my heels. On the wall here are b&w prints from our couple photoshoot last year, and the D & J letters are from Typo.

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