Saturday, 8 June 2013

Pregnancy Week 18

How Far Along? 18 Weeks
Baby's Size? Sweet Potato
Gender? Girl!
Nicknames? Tinkerbell

Weight?  62kgs, not much gain so far
Stretch Marks? No, but very dry skin
Maternity Clothes? Not quite, but not normal clothing either - lots of tights and long tops!
Wedding Rings on or off? On
Belly Ring In or Out? In
Sleep? Lots of tossing and turning, but ok so far.
Cravings? Salt, and the past few days a few lollies in the evenings
Labour Signs? No

Symptoms? Feeling good now, still a little more tired in the afternoons
Mood? Pretty chilled, although a bit obsessed with cleaning recently
Movement? Not yet

Moment of the Week: Finding out we are having a little girl!
Driving Me Crazy: Having to limit myself - mostly lifting as I've been organizing the house
Freak Outs: Been ok since having my 13 week scan, not much stressing
Looking Forward To: Finding out bub's gender!

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