Sunday, 14 July 2013

Pregnancy Week 22

I had my first awful pregnancy moment last week - Dave made a joke when we were out to dinner and I burst into tears in the middle of the restaurant. He felt so awful for about two days afterwards - I wasn't even really upset though! How embarrassing though - I don't think he knew what to do with me!

Other than that, we have picked out the paint colour for Tinkerbell's room and will hopefully get started on that next weekend. I'm so excited to see how her nursery will turn out!

How Far Along? 22 Weeks
Baby's Size? Papaya
Gender? It's a Girl!
Nicknames? Tinkerbell

Weight?  Still at 64kgs, about 3kgs gain so far
Stretch Marks? Not yet, hopefully it stays that way!
Maternity Clothes? Still lots of leggings - oh how I miss skinny jeans!
Wedding Rings on or off? On
Belly Ring In or Out? In
Sleep? A little better than a few weeks ago, but Tinks seems to be active at night so I wake up and feel her moving and can't get back to sleep!
Cravings? Still have a bit of a sweet tooth.
Labour Signs? No

Symptoms? Still feeling great, taking advantage of it!
Mood? Still wanting to be at home and clean/decorate
Movement? Yes -still late at night and now early morning around 5am. Hubby also felt a kick for the first time in the last few weeks and a few times since then.
Moment of the Week: Seeing Dave get excited over feeling Tinks.
Driving Me Crazy: Having such limited clothing options
Freak Outs: Just my restaurant moment
Looking Forward To: Getting a bigger belly still

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