Monday, 12 August 2013

Pregnancy Week 26

I've all of a sudden gone into stress mode once I realized that I'm just about to enter my third trimester! I've been planning my baby shower, trying to finish organizing Tink's room so it can be painted, and generally spring cleaning my house. I also packed away heaps of my clothes last week - I was surprised at how many party dresses I own, especially ones that still had tags on them!

How Far Along? 26 Weeks

Baby's Size? Lettuce
Gender? It's a Girl!
Nicknames? Tinkerbell 

Weight?  70kgs, I've gained another 2kgs this fortnight! Total of  9kgs gain so far! Feeling HUGE 

Stretch Marks? Still none, but I'm not counting my chickens yet!
Maternity Clothes? I just fit in size 12 jeans, but they are getting a little tight when sitting down. T-shirts are done for totally.
Wedding Rings on or off? On
Belly Ring In or Out? In, although it's starting to go on an angle a little!
Sleep? Great these past two weeks!
Cravings? Sweet tooth is still in full swing - hubby loves it!
Labour Signs? No

Symptoms? Having to sit down to put socks or shoes on now - my belly gets in the way!

Mood? Feeling super happy lately, loving hanging around at home or going out for coffee
Movement? All the time now, both my mum, mother in law, and sister in law have all felt.
Moment of the Week: I love when other people get to feel her kick for the first time.
Driving Me Crazy: Being limited with housework - scrubbing the bath is pretty difficult.
Freak Outs: How soon she may be here, with lots of things half done.
Looking Forward To: My baby shower still, so excited for it.

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