Thursday, 30 January 2014

Tinkerbell 10 Weeks

I can't believe how quick the past few months have gone! Tinkerbell now keeps my days more than busy, and at 10 weeks old she now has a little personality of her own. My favourite thing all day is seeing her smile up at me each time she wakes up from a nap or finishes a bottle.

Tinks is very independent, constantly wanting to be sitting up or standing up. She also loves being social and around people, being cooed at, and is very talkative and smiley. She does hate being in the car - I guess she missed the memo about most babies finding it soothing and going off to sleep during a drive!

We spend most of our days out and about - mostly walking around shopping centers at the moment as it's too hot for the beach or park most days. We have lots of fun now that Tinkerbell is more interactive, with heaps of playtime and games.

A typical day with Tinkerbell (from midnight to midnight):
3am: Around this time we have a quick bottle and usually its straight back off to sleep afterwards, we are up for around 15-20 minutes on average.
5am: My alarm goes off and I get up out of bed. Tinks usually has another bottle anywhere between now and 6.30am, and her dad watches her while I run around getting ready for the day and do some housework.
6.45am: Dad leaves for work. Tinks will usually nap in her bouncer while I do a few more jobs, before she wakes up properly.
8am: This time Tinks wakes up properly for the day, we get her dressed and she has another bottle before a bit of playtime, and then I usually sit with her in her bouncer for some quiet time when she starts yawning before she will go off to sleep again.
9am: At 9am we are usually ready to head out for the day, if we are going to the local shopping center I put Tinkerbell in her pram and we will walk down, and she will have a nice long nap while I walk around the shops.
12pm: By this time most days we are home, and Tinks will continue sleeping in her pram after we get home for just long enough for me to put away any shopping, and have some lunch if I'm lucky. Then it's time for another bottle, followed usually by some tummy and playtime.
1pm: The rest of our afternoon is usually spent by lots of little naps in between playtime, anywhere between 20 to 40 mins. Tinks will have a bottle sometime between 2 & 3pm, but doesn't usually have as much as normal. I usually run around doing housework, or do some blogging during these naps.
5pm: Wake up from nap, have a bottle and then usually playtime until dad arrives home from work. Sometimes we will put on a cartoon to watch now, she loves Care Bears.
6pm: Dad arrives home from work. He will take Tinkerbell for a shower, and then after I've got her all dressed and ready she will have some more playtime with dad, and then fall asleep in her bouncer while he watches cartoons or plays video games. I use this free time to usually go for a quick jog, and get dinner sorted.
8pm: About now Tinks will have her last feed for the night. It's usually an hour to two hours before she goes off to sleep properly, but will then most of the time have a good sleep until 2-3am again.

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