Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Top 13 Moments of 2013!

I did this post at the end of 2012, and thought it was a fun way to wrap up the year, so here is my top 13 moments of 2013!

Brought in the New Year on holidays - no better way to start a year than chilling on the beach!

Feeding Giraffes at Perth Zoo - My sister in law & I took our cousins to feed the giraffes at Perth Zoo. I think we may have been more excited about it than they were, but it was an awesome way to start the new year.

Swisse Color Fun Run - Ok, so I didn't do the running thing, but I did wake up at 4.30am and volunteer directing traffic, handing out water to people at the finish line and handing out colour packets. Then I had some fun with my sister in law in the finish festival

Finding out we were expecting a little girl - Finding out at my 18 week ultrasound that Tinkerbell was a girl was one of the most fun things in 2013!

Got to do some cool makeup - I got to work on some really fun looks for some photoshoots early in the year like this one

Headed to some cool events - Including concerts, perth fashion festival and beauty events!

Threw an awesome baby shower - I had so much fun planning out my baby shower! I'm so excited to be able to plan Tinkerbell's first birthday in 2014.

Got a whole lotta insta-love - I had some pretty awesome people and brands follow, regram and comment on my Instagram last year!

Queen B was born - The biggest thing to happen to me all year was my gorgeous daughter Brooklyn Harper being born!

Ate some yummy food - One of the best things about not being pregnant anymore, is being to able to eat whatever I want! Most of all I missed being able to eat yummy salads and sushi, so I've been enjoying them since Tinkerbell arrived!

Did my first makeup swap! - I was so excited to participate in my first ever makeup swap with the lovely Ashley!

Checked out the Margaret River Pro - And event I'd be planning on going to for a few years, this year I finally made it down to check out the wa surfing comp!

Tink's first Christmas - We had such a laid back fun christmas with our families, and I can't wait for Christmas next year when I can go a little crazy!

Hope you all had a fab 2013 also! <3

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