Saturday, 26 April 2014

Barbie LIVE! The Musical

On the weekend I headed out to see Barbie the Musical. Tickets were reasonably priced, which is great when it's a kids show and you're not sure if it will hold their attention!

On the website, they described the show by saying the following;

"Barbie Live! The Musical follows Barbie and her best friend Teresa on the set of their new movie in Hollywood.  When Teresa starts to doubt herself, Barbie uses lessons from her past movies Swan Lake, Princess and the Popstar, and Mariposa and Fairy Princess to teach Teresa to be confident, believe in herself and embrace the power of friendship. "

There were nineteen performers, and they did a great job putting on the show. They took parts from the Barbie movies to use throughout the show, play clips on two large projectors as well as singing songs and dances from the stories. The sets were really fantastic, especially the Swan Lake backdrop which had two giant glitters swans as big as the stage. I can totally fit those in my house right?

The performers were also great at interacting with the kids, coming into the crowd and getting them involved in the show. Unfortunately there were no photos allowed while the show was going, but I did purchase the program and a Barbie for Tinkerbell's collection! 

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