Saturday, 26 July 2014

Milk Baby Snotty Grotty Room Spray

I'm not quite sure how I hadn't heard about this product before, but it arrived at my door with perfect timing as the winter sniffles are making their way around, and nothing is worse that a grumpy, sick baby!

On their website, Milk Baby say the following about Snotty Grotty;

"If your baby has the sniffles and sneezes, grab your Snotty Grotty Room Spray, stop praying and start spraying. Relief has arrived. Milk Baby Snotty Grotty Room Spray helps to clear your baby's nasal passage, ensuring that they get a good night's sleep without nasty sniffles or sneezes. Number one hero product for mums since day dot! "

The active ingredients in the room spray include Camphor oil to act as a decongestant, eucalyptus to help asthma and sore throats, peppermint to help clear the cold, Chamomile to help with tight chests and asthma, Ylang Ylang to calm, and Myrtle oil to help ensure the virus doesn't return.

Being sniffle weather, this has been getting lots of use in Tinkerbell's room and I love it! The scent isn't over powering at all, but it is refreshing and it really seems to make a difference to lessen her blocked nose. I'm so glad I discovered this product, it's something I will be throwing in with all of my baby shower gifts from now on!

Milk is an Australian company, with their products made in Australia too. They also don't test on animals as well as using 100% recyclable packaging so it's great to feel like you are also buying from an Aussie brand doing good!

Milk Baby Snotty Grotty Room Spray retails for $12.95. For more information, visit

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