Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Top 12 Moments of 2012!

This year feels like it has gone super fast! I was away on a holidays for New Years (pictures coming soon) so it may be a little bit later than everyone else, but here are my Top 12 Moments of 2012.

Studied Photography - I did a short course through TAFE studying photography one night a week to help caputre events and photos for my blog as I want! I still have lots to learn but have passed the course.

Getting some photos taken - Early this year we got some couple's photos taken as we don't have many of us together other than out wedding photos!

Got Tattooed (again) - I added two more tattoos to my body in 2012, and I love them.

Was Quoted in an Online Article for Cleo Magazine - It's not everyday you get to be interviewed for a magazine you read every month! I blogged about it here

Bought My New Car  - I was super happy to get my new car (a Ford BF XR6) and named her Betty. She even has a theme song - Black Betty by Ram Jam.

Got to Meet Ricki-Lee - I'm not a huge fan of Ricki Lee as she's not the usual music I listen to (I didn't own one of her albums until the day I met her), but it's always fun to meet celebrities. I blogged about it here

Spent some weekends away - We decided to forgo the plane trip this year, and instead had four weekends away split up throughout the year (ending with a week away over new years). It was a nice way to break up the year, and save some money!

Blogging - I am so surprised I have committed to blogging for this long without losing interest, but so happy I have! I love it now, and plan to keep blogging for a while!

Got to have my makeup done for a change! - My aunty did my makeup for a mexican sugar skull look - it was lots of fun and I loved being the one getting my makeup done this time. I blogged about it here

Got to continue my business - I love my job, and I'm so happy that I'm lucky enough to be able to work for myself doing something I enjoy

Spending time with my family - I love spending time with my husband and puppy - they make me so happy and I try to make as much time for them as I can.

Paying off debt - Boring I know, but I was super happy when I payed my old car loan off a year early as well as a few other debts to free us up for getting a house!

Did you have any stand out moments of 2012, or things you're looking forward to in the new year?

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