Saturday, 15 October 2016

Perth Mermaids

What little girl doesn't want to meet a real life mermaid? I discovered a little while ago that Perth is home to two beautiful mermaids, Jessica Pearl and Amelia. Tinkerbell is OBSESSED with the Little Mermaid, so I knew we had to pay them a visit!

These gorgeous mermaids do pop up appearances at beaches all around Perth, as well as events and private parties. Because they have become so popular the girls no longer announce which dates they will be making appearances, however they are often booked at events all over Perth if you keep an eye out on their Facebook Page and Instagram

We were super lucky and managed to meet Jessica Pearl at the beach one day, and she was super amazing. She was so lovely answering all of the kids questions, letting them listen to the ocean with her shell and even gave them a little mermaid treasure to keep.

I highly recommend paying these mermaids a visit if you can manage to find them on land!

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